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Marketing / PR / Creative

We can help you to identify emerging youth market opportunities and translate these findings into innovative marketing and services to support your growth
in that aspiring market. Our marketing differs, as it is multidirectional, spontaneous, alternating and direct.

Through our global network we can drive any job from creation through production to an adequate presentation, offering our clients a true end-to-end partnership.


    Our network of specialists is able to evaluate all the needs and prepare a marketing strategy that fits to your company and will help to make your
    business grow.
    Our marketing consulting consists of understanding your needs, developing a marketing strategy, building and implementing
    an integrated marketing plan, and tracking the results.

    On an ongoing basis we work with you to evaluate effectiveness of your project and fine tune it.
    With our worldwide network you can have all the resources of a large organization right at your finger tips.


    We aren’t a PR factory juggling dozens of accounts!
    As a network of specialist, we manage highly customized, high touch programs that accelerate market awareness in the youth, sport market.

    Our team is able to develop brand specific PR campaigns and implement those in the core media for the youth market.
    We are not talking about product placements, winning games and all the other common PR tools.

    With our service you will experience communication possibilities for your brand, which have a true ROI.
    We are able to develop concepts for all media channels depending on your needs.


    We have years of expierence working on big international events & delievering the magic moments globaly to the audiance
    that is not on the venue.

    • On Site Communication Support for your invited Media
    • Online Communication Strategy
    • Text, Photo & Video Coverage

      • Iconography
      • Illustration
      • Design
      • POS Design & Production


    Customers of our Marketing / PR / Creative Services


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