Social Media & Web Services

The progression on the WWW never stops and what´s good today can be outdated tommorow.
You need someone to support your Social Media efforts or need help with other digital projects?


    Social Media Strategy Development
    The biggest mistake you can make in social media is launching channels or programs without a proper strategy tailored to your brand.
    One of our most successfull developments are the Red Bull X-Fighters social channels.

    Content Creation
    Brands that have something to say have successful social media channels and we help you how to say it best.
    Our team will ensure that you will be able to create a solid fanbase through well planned content that the latest trends are covered as well.
    We also help to boost the success existing channels with our expert knowledge.

    Community Management
    Your community expects a reply or your engement when they interact with you on social. Our team guides you to built relationships and
    can support you at night and on weekends. With detailed escalation paths, we protect and represent your brand professionally before an sh*tstorm can built up.

    Influencer Management
    We started working with influencers before there was a name for it and have seen this path evolve quickly to an industry.
    We have cultivated relationships mainly to professional athletes in motorsport and other extreme sports and can easily support you in that consumer target group.

    Media Buying
    Today’s social media game often requires paid media, but for the ROI you have to understand when and how to boost your content!
    Let us guide you and improve your boosted media efficiency.

    Social Data Analsis & Insights
    You would think data is easy is to understand these days, but are you sure that can figure out, if you reached your goals.
    We help you to nail it with our full reporting and analysis taylored to your brand and campaign efforts. Uncover insights and measure the true ROI with our data analytics team.


    We are an creative network of freelancers with over 20 years’ experience coupled with an in-depth knowledge of all things digital.

    Whether it’s custom HTML5 builds with animation, rich media such as audio and video, e-commerce solutions, fully interactive and
    engaging blog sites with inbuilt social media functionality or beautifully designed brochure type sites we have the know-how to find
    tailored solutions for our clients without having to blow the budget.

    We have expert knowledge in open source & enterprise content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Typo3,
    WordPress & Oracle Content Server and follow open fully responsive standards, such as W3C specifications, including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

  • SEO

    Let´s the the mystery out of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)!
    We could write down a list of services like Keyword and Competitive Research, E-Commerce SEO, Lead generation SEO and so on…
    But we invite you to contact us and we see what we can do for you to reach your goals and understand your digital ROI better.

Customers of our Social Media & Web Services
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